Program Structure

Simple 7 step “Your Business Success” program



 This program has been simplified into three distinct phases.


7 steps orange
The first phase is the development of a business strategy. This involves three basic steps. A high level goal review, including business, personal and exit planning goals. From this and our analysis of our customers we then determine the success factors of the business that help us to stand out from the crowd. From the success factors we develop the strategies, goals, action plans and milestones that become the structural core of our implementation program.


Phase two is the execution of the strategy. To achieve this, the business will need to review performance levels each month and fine tune the strategy and the execution plans where needed. An essential requirement is that the business becomes systemised and automated to deliver the expected high performance results. The more systemised a business, the less amount of time is spent fire fighting and time wasting. Blocks of more effective time can then be spent on strategy implementation.


The employees that are responsible for executing the strategies need to be motivated and engaged in the business. The more motivated these employees the higher the focus and productivity levels and hence the more successful the business.

Everyone is on the one page driving towards a common
goal. Phase three is then the continuation, encouragement and reinforcement of both the culture and the systems.