Program Implementation

Our 12 month coaching program is so simple to implement and deliver.

This program is designed to be adaptable and simple to implement. The lessons and tools associated with this course have been developed, tweaked and improved for over 20 years from feed back gained by business leaders and business advisors.

Proof of the pudding is in the programs popularity. Over 10,000 business advisors have been delivered these tools to use with clients! Over 60,000 SME’s have used these systems!

What is the secret to driving change in your business?

Business owners are busy, get side tracked with new ideas or putting out spot fires, and this often leads to new strategies falling by the wayside. Would you believe that strategy execution is the primary reason for CEO failure?

The secret to successfully driving change in your business is by actively involving key staff members to drive strategies and execute. The MAUS Your Business Success Coaching Program is designed to involve key staff members, and make them accountable to implementing the ‘homework’ tasks on a monthly basis.

Even better, you will see staff engagement rise, and a new energy breathed into the culture of your business. Breed a culture of entrepreneurs, rather than employees!



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