Learn how your business is performing compared to ‘the norm’!


This series of powerful diagnostics will accurately pinpoint exactly what needs attention in your business. Whether it be in your systems, people or financials, these diagnostics are sure to locate your business weaknesses and shortfalls.

It is quick and easy to complete each diagnostic – submit your answers online in the form of a questionnaire, and you will be provided with a free detailed report from a YBS mentor soon after. From here, simply apply any new action plans and goals into the MAUS Hub, and GET IT DONE!

Some of the diagnostics that you will have access to are:


  • Financial Health Check:

    This will give you an indication of the financial health of your business.

  • Potential Buyer Attractiveness:

    This will review your business and give you a score out of 100 on
    howattractive you are to a potential purchaser.

  • System Analysis:

    This will review the systems in your business and suggest changes


80 per cent


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