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The “Your Business Success” program is proudly published by MAUS Business Systems.

For more than 20 years the MAUS brand has been helping business owners achieve their goals. With over 60,000 users globally, MAUS has one of the most comprehensive ranges of business software and programs in the world.

MAUS also has a compilation of tools we have developed in co-operation with leading industry experts that are designed to make your job easier. These systems range from operational procedures to business planning, QA and health & safety.


As business owner’s and leaders, we fully appreciate the personal discipline you have cultivated to be successful. Long hours, often no weekends and continually sacrificing time that you would rather spend with the family.

Sometimes we make the path to success harder than it actually is by becoming swamped by the detail and taking on too much ourselves. It is time we changed that! This workbook, methodology and processes, combined with the software and mentoring is the answer you have been looking for to make your journey more direct and enjoyable.

Let’s make running a business one of the most rewarding, exciting and fulfilling adventures you ever undertake!

In the workbook and software we have shared some of the key practical strategies that have made a difference in our business and the tens of thousands of businesses around the world that deploy components of the MAUS systems and processes. We have combined these systems into one easy to administer, easy to implement business success program.

It is often the case that just a few small changes can shift mountains. All it takes is the willingness to change and the conviction to see it through.

MAUS has a national network of “Your Business Success” business advisers and coaches to assist you in implementing these systems and programs.


The YBS Team